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NLP-Tensorflow Keras

Text Classification with TensorFlow Keras

Learn Text Classification with TensorFlow & Keras. A baseline NLP model for Text Classification with the help of Embedding and …
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Blender Modelling

Model in Blender

Blender Modeling …
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c++ arrays

c++ Arrays

An array is a collection of elements. Be careful of not making Memory Access Violation’s. Looping between elements of an …
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Sky & atmosphere Unreal Engine

Sky & Atmosphere system | Unreal Engine

Sky is not the limit. Unreal is introducing “planets” and geoid’s, and a complete support to outer space. The possibilities …
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Landscape Tools Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine Landscape Tools

Creating realistic or fantasy landscapes as a Level Designer using Landscape Tools is one of the most important skills for …
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blender sculpt

Blender Sculpt Fundamentals

Learn the foundations of Blender Sculpt. The tools needed to create a 3D character, to sculpt and object. Is like …
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How resistors work?

How resistors work?

Materials falls into two basic categories: conductors and insulators. A conductor has low resistance while an insulator has high resistance …
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aztec priestess

Aztec High Elite Priestess

A compilation of art made as a reminiscence of aztec princess and priestess. WIP- Aztec High Priestess by hayleymerrington on …
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Character animation

Skeleton Assets animation Unreal

Skeleton animation is a powerful set of technologies performed to give life to characters, smooth linear & non linear movement …
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Learn Unreal Engine for Blender Users

Emphasis on the similarities between UE4 and Blender. Blender was inspired by Unreal Engine. Unleash the power of both engines …
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