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Persian proverbs

Persians teaches us to think with the heart, to win hearts, real value is have things money can't buy. Write, ...
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Chinese Proverbs

Cult for Tech, Science and Art. Real Chinese wisdom To know that you know. And to know what you don't ...
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Sioux proverbs

I see a time of Seven generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the sacred Tree of ...
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Proverbios indígenas

El alma no tendría arco iris si el ojo no tuviera lágrimas The soul would not have a rainbow if ...
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Aviso meme Goku

Un poco de comedia, de la buena. Aviso!!! se avisa que el aviso que se iba a avisar no se ...
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Ancient Sharks

by FotoGrazio Sharks as ancient as the ocean, as powerful blood tide, so primitive, so silent, they appear when they ...
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Music created by AI

Music created by Artificial Intelligence

What does artificial intelligence music sounds like? The artificial intelligence is just rising. Powerful algorithms can create very emotional and ...
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How to create your own lab?

What are the basic instruments for creating a professional private laboratory? Learn how to create your own private lab for ...
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China releases video of Tianwen-1's entry into Mars orbit

China enters to Mars orbit on China New Lunar Year

The great news is that in China new lunar year, China Tianwen-1's arrived to Mars orbit and conquered the all ...
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Butterflies identification with powerful Artificial Intelligence

Butterflies are sacred pollinators that maintain thin red line of life. They keep balance, they make plants and trees thrive ...
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When employers want 10 years of experience before you turn 20

Job experience meme

When employers want 10 years of experience before you turn 20 ...
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The scientist who discovered CRISPR is from Spain

Francis Mojica, the Spanish Scientist Who Discovered CRISPR. Against common belief a hard-working Spanish scientist specialized in bacteria discovered the ...
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MetaHumans Unreal Characters Creator Next Generation

So what are the Unreal MetaHumans? Unreal Digital Humans bring unreal digital humans to life to empower the narrative and ...
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3D animals for Blender & video games

Dinosaurs and animals resources for Blender

Creating animals for video games, films, and animating them using character rigging in Blender is crucial for becoming successful as ...
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Animating Fish

Animating fish in Blender (skeleton, bones)

Learn how to animate fish, studying hard 3d animation will make you succeed in design, films, video games and even ...
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Rescue Puma Can’t Be Released Into The Wild, Lives His Best Life As A Spoiled House Cat.

Puma spirit

Pumas a large cat of the family Felinae. Is native to Americas. It has many names including puma, mountain lion, ...
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Music of the Stars

Music of Spheres and Stars – Pythagoras

What is Pythagorean fifth circle and the Pythagoras comma? The importance of the flow and listening to the music of ...
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DNA Synthesis. How do DNA synthesis actually works?

Learn how DNA synthesis work. The best machines for synthesizing DNA. The CRISPR, Talens genome editing tools. So what are ...
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CRISPR last Update

CRISPR is the game changing technology. A millennial disruptor. A new Era was settled for: biology, chemistry, and for all ...
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Bird and wolf as spirit of nature

The spirit of Nature

Where do all the stories of the universe live? -In your spirit. The spirit of nature means all the connections ...
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