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E-commerce iOS store template open source

E-commerce store iOS app open source
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In the past several years, Shopify, Amazon, have monopolized the e-commerce. So in order to decentralize an e-commerce iOS store template was needed.

So an e-commerce iOS store template open source, free and available to everyone.

Furthermore the were some core functions wanted in this e-commerce solution Manifest:

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E-commerce iOS store template open source to decentralize

For this reason the core values of our e-commerce iOS features:

  • Sign in with Email & Password.
  • Sign in with Apple.
  • Firebase integration for all types of login/signup.
  • Firebase Firestore.
  • Search Functionality.
  • TabBar navigation.
  • Shopping Cart.
  • Payment integration with Stripe.
  • Send of transactional Emails with Sendgrid.
  • Push notifications for increase engagement.
  • All native with swift.
  • Backward compatibility with Android and web.
  • Aesthetic.
  • Easy to use.

To clarify there are great resources for building an e-commerce shop for web for free, to empower communities and people.

However there are few solutions on mobile.

Certainly we need to empower people, startups or small business have the right to build their brand.

Above all the monopolies are not always the best entity possible: power to the people.

Finally I’ll be working hard updating this post with all the resources for making your own iOS e-commerce store.

Lastly the code is:

e-commerce stylized login here,

full iOS e-commerce iOS native with swift repository here.

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