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The rise of AI in China

Rise of AI in China

The planets have aligned China has put a lot of work on AI that will give the correct results. Artificial Intelligence = Super Powers.

The super power of China and US will be deeply linked to Artificial Intelligence.

Robots most be focused more on creating value and giving humans super powers to create. Robots can make better cars, better machines, and the underlying cost of production manufacturing will be closer to cero.

Robots can replace humans in almost all labors and fields and they will. But humans we need a compensation because at the end of all human rights are essential.

Hope the best for the world in this new era. Robots must serve humanity.

Rise of AI in China
Rise of AI in China

Rise of AI in China

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Deep Learning Vision for (Infrared) Thermal Cameras

Science is now summing progressions even on the Electromagnetic spectrum. So what big possibilities deliver this new set of tools and technologies? Can we in the future recognize individuals by thermal, by extracting the skeleton and unique biometric identifier or the brain biomass as data for a powerful AI?

What are infrared thermal cameras?

Why are infrared cameras so powerful for autonomous vehicles and transportation?

Are neural networks developed for visible imagery work well for thermal vision?

Are infrared or thermal cameras the new gold for AI?

Does this way of imagery can be even superior to visible imagery if applying the correct filters and algorithms?

Infrared for AI
Infrared for AI

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Butterfly Identifier app

Butterfly identifier

I’m working hard on a Butterfly identifier, now my app currently covers all North America, at least the +520 more common butterflies.

Identify butterflies by using the camera scan.

No data collected. No internet connection required.

Powerful Algorithm to recognize butterflies.

Inference may fail but AI is in a state that can predict or inference as good as best humans in the task of identifying butterflies.

Our vision is to protect nature. To provide tools to protect nature.

You can get the iOS Butterfly for North American app here

Get Appstore
Get Butterfly Identifier iOS app
Get the Butterfly Identifier android app
Get the Dog Identifier android app

Official Support Butterfly URL

Butterfly Identifier
Butterfly Identifier
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Natural Language Processing Basics

Natural Language Processing abbreviated as NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence that deals on robotic’s core: the interaction between human and machines.

is important to do text mining in NLP to train a powerful model.

Text Mining is crucial
Text Mining is crucial

Some applications of Natural Language Processing NLP are

  • Sentimental Analysis
  • Chatbot
  • Language Translator
  • Autocorrect and Autocomplete
  • Speech recognition

Components of NLP

  • Natural Language Understanding.
  • Natural Language Generation
NLP components
NLP components

NLP Tasks

  • Components
  • Tokenization
  • Stamming
  • Lemmatization
  • POS Tags
  • Named Entity Recognition
  • Chunking
NLP Tasks