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Oumuamua interstellar interloper

“Oumuamua discovered in 2017, was the first ever object to get an ‘interstellar’ designation from the IAU (International Astronomical Union’ , but interestingly, we actually know about a few more of them.”

How do we know these objects come from other solar systems?

How many of them there are?

What are Oumuamua and similar objects implications?

“As we move in our orbit, we cross paths with the gravitational influence of other orbiting stars”

By the way”Even distances of a couple of light years can be enough to perturb a comet so it comes crashing down towards the sun”.

Also a star gravitational power can be enough to change the direction and spell a comet and pulled away from the solar system becoming a interstellar interloper (there are hundreds of trillions found only on our galaxy).

What is Oumuamua? Are interstellar interlopers a threat? What are Oumuamua and similar objects implications? Learn Astronomy foundations!