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Learn C++ essentials 3d video game Course

Learn C++ video game and course

I’m working currently on a video game + course on C++.

The main topics covered in the Game Course in C++ are:

  • C++ Basics
  • Compilation and Execution
  • Arithmetic Operations
  • Control Flow
  • Arrays
  • Pointers
  • Functions
  • Classes
  • Overloading
  • Templates
were late times in history

The video game app will be available iOS/android.

Check the course and iOS / android app here ->

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Earn 10k selling online courses

10k Monthly selling online courses

My exact formula to earn 10k a month by selling online courses. Entrepreneurship is a must in post-covid economy. Let’s provide family the best.

This video is thanks to Wendy.

How realistic is to make an online income just by selling one online course?

Krystal will break down the process oh how to earn 10k a month, just by saying that is not a 100% profit.

There is an ads cost for promoting the course, and servers cost. It’s a very respectable income of side income to provide our family with their needs.

Stabilize your main business.

Let’s put a price to the course 149 USD says Kristal.

She doesn’t use Facebook ADS but Google Search ADS.

You need to build a Landing Page, an article of HIGH interest for possible customers. At the end of the post you need an opt-in. This is known as a marketing funnel.

An automated email sequence of events that triggers sequentially for four days in order to close the sale. The sale sequence.

7 emails delivered in a 7 day period.

You need an enroll deadline. Deadline funnel. If not concluded the sale in not possible.

Deadline funnel is a software.

The numbers to get 10k selling online courses

You need an income goal.

How much is realistic and you decided as goal?

Don’t pick it for chance. Plan for it!

How the formula works?

If your course cost 149$ USD you need 67 sells. 2.3 sells per day.

You can give a free mini-course in the selling funnel.

You need leads. You need targeted traffic. People that searches specifically the content you planned, you write a high quality article and in the last part you ask to opt-in with email to suscribe for a free mini-course.

What’s going to convert best?

I recommend to learn to make video games: too much money and fun in the Industry

Where to sell online courses?