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Music of Spheres and Stars – Pythagoras

Music of the Stars

What is Pythagorean fifth circle and the Pythagoras comma?

The importance of the flow and listening to the music of the stars and dancing that mother’s earth music.

So what is the fifth circle?

“The fifth circle work as a clock it has one to twelve tones it consists of two pitches major and minor keys, and the minor keys is the corresponding key signatures to the major keys but

The Pythagorean fifth circle
The Pythagorean fifth circle –

So what is the meaning of the corresponding key signatures, the magic that underlies the Pythagoras comma for music?

“So as you see in this calculation seven octaves is not the same as twelve fifths and Pythagoras comma could even be define as a small difference between two and harmonically equivalent notes like C and B sharp or D flat and C Sharp and this ratio could be calculated as that seven octaves removes from twelve fifths like this 3 divided by 2 raised 12 divided by 2 raised to seven equals 3 raise to 12 divided by 2 raised to 19..”

So what I learn is that for building music bases, chorus with instruments math patterns for harmonically equations are crucial plus the extra tropical ingredient of percussions, marimba, that mamba, salsa circle, where rhythmical hits for dancing with direct connection to mother earth.

NASA pulsating stars
NASA pulsating stars

Music of stars . Reconnect with mother earth’s music and with the music of the suns and stars.