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How to get Pinterest clicks

Get more Pinterest Clicks

Learn the best Pinterest practices to get the best click through rate performance.

Some recommendations to boost website traffic with Pinterest are:

  • Dimensions 2×3
  • Minimum image width 600 px.
  • Bold text to highlight.
  • Short text.
  • Call to action text.

Create beautiful pins.Work hard and create value. Pinterest is about inspiration, aspiration.

Call to action text and images overlay source

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Pinterest Marketing Explosion Growing

Pinterest marketing explosion 2020

Pinterest is the most ascending social media that empowers people and business. Pinterest explosion means investing time and quality on a long term success trusted to Pinterest.

Build a WordPress Blog to promote your apps, your digital goods, your projects and put your trust on Pinterest. The ever green traffic source for quality content. The best image search network.

Pinterest marketing explosion 2020
Pinterest marketing explosion 2020
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Pinterest SEO get 250k pageviews monthly

Pinterest SEO

Rank all your pins high in the search results.

Search Engine Optimization: rank high on search results on Pinterest.

Why Pinterest SEO?

SEO isn’t easy on Google.

At least your first year you need to write long quality post for compete to low searched keywords.

SEO on Pinterest is not so complicated too.

SEO Pinterest Optimization Marketing Strategy

  • Set up Pinterest Business Account.
  • Verify your Website.
  • Enable Rich Pins.