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Mayan Ancient Poem – Chilam Balam

Poem to women

“All moons, all year, all day, all winds walk and pass you by. Also, all blood arrives at its place of quiet…” (Fragment of “Chilam Balam”)

Chilam Balam from Tizimín:

Eat, eat so you’ll have bread;

drink, drink so you’ll have water.

That day, dust will cover the Earth;

that day, a plague will take over the surface of the Earth;

that day, a cloud will rise up;

that day, a strong, powerful man will take power of the Earth;

that day, houses will fall in ruins;

that day, tender foliage will be destroyed;

that day, there will be three signs in the tree;

that day, three generations will hang from it;

that day, we will raise the battle standard

and (the men) will disperse in the forest.