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Pre-Hominidae ancestry

So when appeared Purgatorius ceratops our common ancestor with other Hominidae?

“Around 65 million years ago, these little shrew-like creatures were climbing around in the threes of Western North America, munching on insect and fruit… But Purgatorius is was kind of mysterious because it didn’t have what we think as the classic primate traits, like forward facing eyes, or nails instead of claws.”

Purgatorius is a genus of six extinct eutherian species typically believed to be the earliest example of a primate or a proto-primate, a primatomorph precursor to the Plesiadapiformes, dating to as old as 66 million years ago.[1]


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Purgatorius. Human ancestor
Purgatorius. Human ancestor
Evolution Facts - Purgatorius pre human
Evolution Facts – Purgatorius pre human