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Ancient Sharks

by FotoGrazio

Sharks as ancient as the ocean, as powerful blood tide, so primitive, so silent, they appear when they are not called and they flood like lighting.

Shark Art by Tim M Hol

by Tim M Hol

So how sharks evolved?

Scientists believe that Sharks come into existence 400 million years ago. 200 million years before the dinosaurs. They are so ancient, a sub-acuatica, like the Chinese force of nature that balances everything.

by BioDivLibrary

By the way I made an app for fish identification

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by Leszek.Leszczynski
by Leszek.Leszczynski

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Unreal engine 4 Oceanology 3.0

Oceanology 3.0

Oceanology 3.0 mathematical wave Real-Time, create immersive games were water is a dominant element.

Waves are dynamic forces and nature is wild.

Oceanology 3.0 includes the following

Gerstner wave
Water cut off effect
Infinite ocean in real time
Subsurface scattering
Stencil mask
Volume separation
Caustics / Decal and light function
Foam Generator
Levels of Detail
Specific Buoyancy Control
Boat and box configured with buoyancy
Specular / UE4 Specular / Specular BRDF
Custom Refraction
Shore Line
Surface Fluid density
Game or simulation buoyancy selector
Tessellation Distance
Keyframe is integrated to control the state of the ocean
Enemy system
Boat with controls set
Ocean with stylized version
Planar reflection mode optional
Coastal effect
Landscape Modulation
swimming system
character with artificial intelligence
trees and rocks scanned
modular materials
Distant views

Oceanology realistic ocean for your video game
Oceanology realistic ocean for your video game